The SEO Copywriter And The Holy Trinity

Because you’re searching for an SEO copywriter, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re after the Holy Trinity – Increased traffic, more leads and greater sales.

To achieve this, you need SEO copy that is:

  • Written for your reader and not the search engine spiders
  • Easy and natural to read
  • Well-structured with plenty of headings and sub-headings

    A good SEO copywriter is someone who understands how the search engine spiders crawl web pages and therefore, knows where the optimal places are for your keywords.
    You see, a great SEO copywriter knows that it isn’t just about the main text on your web page. There are also other on-screen elements that must be taken into consideration, such as:
    • Page titles
    • META Description (this won’t have a direct SEO effect, but it will attract the all-important click from the users search result list)
    • Page copy, incorporating keywords in the important H1 and H2 tags (headings and sub headings) to maximise its SEO potential
    • ALT tags on images
    Investing in this whole SEO copywriting package will deliver more targeted traffic, more leads and more sales AKA the Holy Trinity

    Keeping your SEO going

    As already mentioned, search engine optimisation isn’t just about the copy on your website. To improve and maintain your search engine rankings, you must also actively build back links to your website (through directory submissions, article marketing and blogging), and keep an eye on the effectiveness of your keywords.

    Search engine optimisation is a constant process of monitoring, adjusting and refining. It also helps if you understand the new rules that Google’s new algorithms follow – SEO has changed a lot in the past few months, you need an SEO copywriter that understands that.

    What makes a great SEO copywriter?

    A small part of the new rule changes imposed by Google, relates to keywords and phrases. Copy, and websites in general, are ranked higher now for more than just keyword placement. In fact, if your keyword placement is too high or is not appearing ‘organically’ then your site could actually be penalised.

    Google now ranks more for the ‘value’ of a site. Who determines a sites value? It’s visitors. Write copy that people want to read, and can be found using properly placed keywords, then it will appear to be more valuable in the eyes of the search engine.

    Seems obvious doesn’t it? But what it boils down to is that copy has to be much more focused on being genuinely attractive and useful to readers – the old SEO days of huge numbers of backlinks and keyword stuffing are over! More and more companies are turning to professional copywriters to create their content for them.

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