Blog posts increase your sales

4 Ways A Blog Can Increase Your Sales

You have heard it a million times, we all have: keeping an updated blog page can increase traffic, grow your business and send your sales straight through the roof. Can blog posts actually increase your sales? You bet your worn out spreadsheet they can! In fact, blog posts and articles can help to increase your sales in 4 distinct ways.


4 Ways a blog can increase your sales


1 Solidify your authority


The very first thing your business is going to need to do is build trust. You can begin to show your trustworthiness through the blog posts and articles that you publish to your website and social channels
When your blog posts start to show that you do know what you are talking about, then you begin to build authority in your field.
With authority comes the trust people need in you to switch from visitor, to buyer and increase your sales.


2 Show off your wares and services


When you publish blog posts that are relevant to your business, you can showcase your services at the same time. Blogging is a great way to keep visitors and existing customers informed about new products and services. These kinds of posts can be about many different things, including:


  • New product and service announcements
  • Instructional posts and videos
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Competition announcements


All of these types of posts work great as updates pushed through your social channels too, for increased exposure.


3 Grow your subscriber list


One of the best ways to leverage your online presence is by building and maintaining a subscriber list. A blog post or article can help grow an email list by giving the reader important information. If the reader feels engaged enough, they will want to read more so make this as easy for them as possible by providing ways for them to keep up to date.

Online sales is, literally, a numbers game. The more traffic you have, the more people that keep coming back, the more you will increase your sales. It’s a simple fact, and building an email list is an effective way of making that happen.


4 Make connections with visitors and customers


Blogs are a social animal, they like to be read, shared and commented on. Thankfully, readers very often like to do these very same things. When people comment, leave a reply a for them. Connecting in this way builds relationships, it shows there is a relate-able person behind the company, rather than a faceless entity.

This is also an excellent way to learn what people think about your business, products and services. Think of the comments section as an impromptu focus group and take action on the things that you learn – both good and bad. Improving your business based on customer feedback is a sure fire way to earn respect, build authority and further increase your sales.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, it is not too late – not by a long way. If you have the time to do it yourself, then you may find this post helpful: How to write great copy for your website and also, while we are talking about ramping up your sales, you may want to check this one out too: The SEO copywriter and the Holy Trinity.

Start writing today, and if you need any tips then you can always leave a question in the comments below or throw me a line on the contact page.


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