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Teaching with phonics – What is phonics?

Teaching with phonics part 2 – What is phonics?   Before getting onto ‘what is phonics’, the list below is other parts in the series. This will be updated as the series progresses:   Teaching with phonics Part 1 – Overview   Following on from the 1st in this 4 part series, Teaching with phonics, we…
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2nd September 2017 0
teaching with phonics doesn't work

Teaching with Phonics, and why it must stop – Overview

Teaching With Phonics   This is the first in a 4 part series, a series which has one sole aim – to completely discredit the current method of teaching British children how to read (teaching with phonics), and raise awareness of the fact that our children are being let down by the Department for Education…
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Content Recycling Vs Google

A common request for many content writers, myself included, is to help with content recycling. This practice can be very useful, if you have taken the time to write a great post, and it makes a certain amount of sense; why throw something away if it can be dusted off and used again or turned…
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Building a villain to create persuasive blog posts

Superhero movies and TV shows are enjoying a lot of screen time these days. The fact that they are more popular now than ever before is beyond doubt. What makes them so popular and what do they have to do with creating persuasive blog posts?   Well, it is the same thing that makes a…
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Blog posts increase your sales

4 Ways A Blog Can Increase Your Sales

You have heard it a million times, we all have: keeping an updated blog page can increase traffic, grow your business and send your sales straight through the roof. Can blog posts actually increase your sales? You bet your worn out spreadsheet they can! In fact, blog posts and articles can help to increase your…
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Copywriter vs Content Writer: Is There A Difference?

  I’ve been a content writer in Leigh, Manchester, for several years now, always based somewhere in Greater Manchester and I get asked this question a lot: Just what is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer? There are a lot of similarities between the two disciplines, but there some important and clear differences…
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Halo MCC

The 5 best video game stories of all time

Great writing isn’t restricted to web content and books, sometimes some of the best stories ever told reside within the video games that are enjoyed by millions of people the world over. Video games can tell stories like no other medium, drawing people into the narrative and unfolding the twists and turns as the player…
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Fuelling the Digital Economy Through Disruption

The world as we know it is being changed at an unprecedented rate. The Internet of Things (IoT) and digital products have revolutionised the way that we work, relax, manage our homes and finances in ways that would have seemed inconceivable just 10 years ago. Any company today that wishes to succeed in this bright…
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Get To The Top With Semantic Search

There are a lot of resources available that ‘explain’ what semantic search is and how to utilise it.If, like me and almost everybody else, you found these articles a little tough to chew, then here I attempt to explain it in slightly easier terms. Hopefully. First of all, what exactly is the Semantic Web? The…
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How to write great copy for your website

Everywhere, right across the internet that it is, there are sites dedicated to telling people that ‘content is king’ (thanks go to Bill Gates for creating the current headache) and ‘to succeed, you have to have great web copy’. These pages all say the same thing; to attract visitors, and to get ‘ranked’, you just…
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