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the trouble with phonics

Teaching with phonics – Conclusion

This part brings our little ‘The trouble with phonics’ series to a conclusion, and it is here where I will attempt to show you why we should no longer be using the phonics method of teaching people to read – children in particular. Other parts in the series:   Teaching with Phonics – why it…
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17th October 2017 0

Teaching with phonics – The whole word approach

The widely accepted ‘phonics beater’ is the whole word approach, or the ‘look and say’ method is favoured by many teachers, language experts and parents the world over, but what exactly is it? In this, the 3rd part of our mini series, The trouble with phonics, we take a closer look. The other parts of…
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23rd September 2017 0
What is phonics steven j davies content writing

Teaching with phonics – What is phonics?

Teaching with phonics part 2 – What is phonics?   Before getting onto ‘what is phonics’, the list below is other parts in the series. This will be updated as the series progresses:   Teaching with phonics Part 1 – Overview Teaching with phonics Part 3 – The Whole Word Approach   Following on from…
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2nd September 2017 0
teaching with phonics doesn't work

Teaching with Phonics, and why it must stop – Overview

Teaching With Phonics   This is the first in a 4 part series, a series which has one sole aim – to completely discredit the current method of teaching British children how to read (teaching with phonics), and raise awareness of the fact that our children are being let down by the Department for Education…
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1st September 2017 0